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Outdoor Ice Maker
Sub-Zero Model UC-15I(P)O makes up to 50 pounds of clear ice per day.

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Outdoor Gas Grills
Wolf outdoor gas grills available in 30", 36", 42" and 54" widths. Learn More
Warming Drawer
Wolf Model WWD30O keeps dishes you finish at different times warm, moist, and ready to serve. Learn More
Accessory Drawers
Wolf stainless steel accessory drawers offer the storage that every outdoor kitchen needs. Learn More
Burner Module
The Wolf burner module, also available as an attachment for grill cart models, produces 25,000 Btu, great for sautéing and stir-frying.

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Accessory Doors
Wolf stainless steel accessory doors offer flexible storage in five different widths. Learn More
Outdoor Refrigerator
Sub-Zero Model UC-24RO is built to withstand the elements, engineered for temperatures up to 110 degrees. Learn More

Outdoor Products

Create a complete kitchen alfresco. Sub-Zero and Wolf offer a full array of products for outdoor kitchens large or small. From outdoor grills to ice maker, Sub-Zero and Wolf outdoor products are built to quality standards that allow them to withstand the elements.

Wolf, the cooking specialist, and Sub-Zero, the food preservation specialist, are built in the USA with environmentally responsible materials and methods. Family-owned for more than 60 years, these corporate companions and kitchen soul mates bring uncompromising performance and craftsmanship to your outdoor kitchen.

Wolf Outdoor Gas Grills

Wolf outdoor gas grills are available in 30”, 36”, 42” and 54” widths. All sizes except for the 54" grill are available with an optional cart or as a built-in unit, and available in natural gas or LP. The 54" grill is available as a built-in unit only.

Wolf outdoor grills were designed with a focus on performance and ease-of-use, with features that include a 25,000-Btu sear zone on 36" and larger models, dual halogen lighting that improve your view of the cooking surface, and the most reliable ignition system available.

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Wolf Side Burner

Wolf Side Burner Model SB13 is an accessory for outdoor grills using the optional free-standing cart. The side burner allows you to prepare side dishes or warm barbeque sauce without having to run inside. It offers all of the heat you may need with 25,000 Btu on high.

Wolf Burner Module

Wolf Burner Module Model BM13 is perfect for preparing side dishes or warming barbeque sauce without having to run inside. Built on the same platform as Wolf outdoor gas grills, the burner module will fit in perfectly next to your Wolf grill or in a separate cooking station. It offers all of the heat you may need with 25,000 Btu on high.

Wolf Warming Drawer

Wolf Warming Drawer Model WWD30O is built for outdoor use, and with a stainless steel drawer front with pro handle, you can match the look of your other Sub-Zero and Wolf outdoor products. Keep dishes or desserts warm until you are ready to serve them. You can even use the warming drawer as a towel warmer for pool areas.

Classic stainless panels with the pro handle are available in 30" and 36" widths.

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Sub-Zero Outdoor Refrigerator

Sub-Zero Outdoor Refrigerator Model UC-24RO has a fully insulated cabinet to preserve food and minimize energy use. It is engineered for temperatures up to 110 degrees and clad in heavy-gauge stainless steel impervious to corrosion from pests and salt.

Model UC-24RO is ENERGY STAR™ qualified.

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Sub-Zero Outdoor Ice Maker

Sub-Zero Outdoor Ice Maker Model UC-15I(P)O has a heavily insulated solid-core door with door closer and keeps your ice fresh and deeply chilled even in extreme heat. The large-capacity ice bin keeps up to 26 pounds of ice at the ready. The unit can make up to 50 pounds of crystal clear ice per day, so you know your party will never run short.

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Accessory Doors and Drawers

Stainless steel doors and drawers are available in a variety of sizes, and they won’t corrode in the elements. There are options available to fit the storage needs of any outdoor kitchen, large or small. Accessory doors are available in 18", 30", 36", 42" and 54" widths, and accessory drawers are available in 13" and 30" widths.
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The 42" outodoor grill offers a 25,000 Btu sear zone, plenty of grilling space and a smoker box. Shown here with the optional grill cart.
Sub-Zero offers an outdoor refrigerator and ice maker designed specifically to withstand the elements.
Wolf outdoor grills can be built-in to any enclosure. An accessory liner makes it safe for combustible enclosures.
Grill anywhere you want outdoors with a Wolf grill on an optional free-standing cart. A side burner is availble as an accessory that attaches to the side of the grill cart.
Sub-Zero and Wolf outdoor products incorporate a pro-style handle for a consistent look throughout your outdoor kitchen.
Wolf outdoor grills help you cook with the one ingredient every cook needs: confidence
The Wolf outdoor gas grill offers plenty of cooking space as well as a large warming rack.
A Wolf outdoor gas grill on an optional free-standing cart offers plenty of counter space and storage.
Wolf accessory doors and drawers provide flexible storage options to fit your needs. They are designed to provide a consistent look throughout your Sub-Zero and Wolf outdoor kitchen.
Optional free-standing carts are available for all Wolf outdoor grills.

Introducing the
Wolf Outdoor Gas Grills

A Wolf outdoor gas grill marries virtuoso performance with exceptional simplicity of use. Sculpted in double-wall stainless steel and perfectly welded for seamless strength. Wolf gas grills use two types of heat, direct and radiant, to achieve the temperature range and uniform heat distribution that are the keys to flawless grilling. Direct heat delivers high, searing temperatures and rapid preheating while radiant sources distribute temperatures evenly.

The gas burners combine finesse with sheer power. The heavy-gauge lid opens with a light touch. Wolf outdoor grills are available in 30", 36", 42" and 54" models.

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Halogen Lighting

To take the guesswork out of nighttime grilling, dual halogen lights inside the grill produce brilliant white light for a true picture of the grilling surface.

Wolf Outdoor Gas Grills Product Pages

Hood Assist System

The hood assist system opens and closes the stainless steel hood with a light touch. Heavy-duty concealed springs eliminate 50 percent of the weight. The handle design keeps fingers away from the hot grilling surfaces.

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The rotisserie holds up to 25 pounds of meat. Smooth rotation ensures even cooking. Two positions let you set the ideal distance from the burner, whether you're cooking small items such as game hens or large ones such as roasts.

Wolf Outdoor Gas Grills Product Pages

LED Lights

Positioned above the Wolf signature red knobs, the LED lights make it easy to adjust the controls in dim light.

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Stainless Steel Grates

Stout, 3/8" thick grates retain and radiate more heat for more even grilling and restaurant-style sear marks. The stainless steel grates will not rust or chip, and they clean nicely with a grill brush.

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Warming Rack

It's called a warming rack, but with four positions, it can do so much more- roast vegetables, slow-roast ribs, warm buns, and keep foods ready to serve without drying them out.

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Reliable Ignition

Wolf's ignition system is the most reliable in the industry. Push in the knob, and a hot coil ignites the gas. Wolf briquettes emit consistent radiant heat that combines with the burners' direct heat for even temperature distribution.

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Sear Station

A powerful, 25,000- Btu sear zone on the 36" and larger models emits exceptionally high heat to sear meats faster and deeper, sealing in flavorful juices.

Wolf Outdoor Gas Grills Product Pages

Free-Standing Cart

Carts are available for all Wolf grills 42" and smaller as an accessory. You can also attach a side burner to the cart as another accessory, making it easy to cook side dishes.

Wolf Outdoor Gas Grills Product Pages

Expand the life of your home, and the horizons of outdoor living, with an outdoor kitchen by Sub-Zero and Wolf, the brands that define performance, design, and worry-free ownership in the kitchen-indoors or out.

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