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Employee Testimonials
Quality Across the Board
Kent Rear
Production Supervisor
started in 2000

You have quality people through and through the Sub-Zero Wolf organization. From the president to the individual operators and assemblers on the shop floor, I've never been in an organization before where it just seems like everyone is striving for the same purpose.

I work with 30 shop employees every day, and encourage them to bring me the ideas and feedback they glean from their hands-on experience with how our product is put together. This helps us to identify issues that may affect reliability, that are immediately addressed by teams with individuals from engineering, design, quality, testing and manufacturing.

At Sub-Zero Wolf one goal unifies us all: to produce a quality product. We are the luxury appliance of choice, and I think we live up to that because we are constantly striving to improve.

Forward Thinking
Dale Reed
Manufacturing Engineer Technician II
started in 2002

I started here as a fabricator. I knew machines, how they operate, and how to program them. Working here, I've had the opportunity to really hone my programming skills through training, and on the job. Today I receive input from our engineers and shop operators, serving as a conduit that helps transform world-class innovations into world-class products. There are many subcultures here, which is a good thing! You will meet a lot of great people, and learn a lot of new things.

I think that Sub-Zero and Wolf are successful because we are forward thinking. We proactively create innovative designs and concepts that are wholly new to the industry, and Mr. Bakke's tremendous investment in the organization and in cutting-edge automations, helps us to realize our goals.

Teamwork Culture
Kari Prucha
Lead Accounts Receivable
started in 1998

The work environment at Sub-Zero Wolf is one of everyone coming together for the greater good. One of the first big projects that I spearheaded here was switching things over to a new travel and expense software program. I learned so much about so many things, and I worked with so many different people. To see that team build and grow, and to watch myself grow as a team member and team leader, was challenging, exciting, and fun! It was also very rewarding when, in the end, when it launched and everything went smoothly.

Be somebody who wants to run, take the ball that's given to you, and play in the game. If you are that kind of a person, it's a great place to be. Sub-Zero Wolf provides opportunities to its employees that some other companies may not ever offer.

People Power
Greg Beal
Senior Project Engineer
started in 1998

New products are our lifeblood, and Sub-Zero Wolf has new products in the pipeline at all times. Working in cross-functional teams to bring these new products to market, we are always looking for improvements to our processes. Management never hands new processes down from above. They let our practitioners—those who deal with the processes—come up with better ways to do something. Our employees are encouraged to bring what they learned from previous industries and places of employment, and to see where that knowledge can fit in at Sub-Zero Wolf.

It's exciting to see a vision grow from a rough initial prototype into a successful product in the marketplace, and very gratifying to have helped in shaping the processes that got them there.

Caring and Accomplishment
Mike Rogers
Production Supervisor
started in 1998

I feel that the caring attitude displayed here set us apart as a premier employer. We say that our people are our greatest asset and the company really believes and acts on that. We in turn share individual insights and creativity that help to constantly move the company forward. For example, for my mid-year goal I attended classes funded by Sub-Zero toward my yellow belt in Six Sigma, and had the opportunity to lead a Six Sigma project internally that ended up saving the company about $127,000 a year. I'm also currently working on my business degree through the tuition reimbursement program.

I'm proud to tell people that I work for Sub-Zero. The organization provides my family and I with a very comfortable living, including the best doctoral care, dental care and retirement options... I joined Sub-Zero because I saw a future here.

Quality and Safety
Kelly Hauri
Quality Engineer II
started in 2002

Quality and safety come first here, and I think that sets us apart from other potential employers. I'm very impressed with how ahead of the curve the organization is. I've traveled a lot and have been to many different facilities, and Sub-Zero Wolf is a leader in ergonomics and safety. By treating our employees safely, in turn they will incorporate that quality back into our products. It goes back to the corporate values of quality and teamwork. Teamwork thrives here! If a project fails it's not just one person—the whole team failed. (If you do not work well in a team environment, do not come to Sub-Zero Wolf to work!) I like the culture here: working in teams, the focus on innovation, leadership development, a great health plan, tuition reimbursement, 401K, flex spending... It's the whole package!

Hands On
Casey Scott
Manufacturing Engineer
started in 2010

I think Sub-Zero Wolf does a great job of training people and working with them to find out their interests. I wasn't interested in sitting at a computer all day, and wanted to be more social and hands on with product. As a Manufacturing Engineer I am able to work with people on the production floor, and also do the design work that I enjoy. The position has also helped me develop my industrial engineering fundamentals, which weren't part of my curriculum in mechanical engineering.

I've led a variety of projects in design and production, and occasionally have needed to seek out people in other departments to learn something new to make a project successful. Everyone here needs to be able to get out of his or her comfort zone a bit and do that. It works, because everyone in the organization is committed to quality, and that's what sets us apart from other employers. From the service department to the operations staff, everyone works together to make sure we're producing what our customer expects in a quality product such as a Sub-Zero refrigerator.

People, Our Greatest Asset
Kim O’Brien
Senior Consumer Scientist
started in 2000

There are so many talented, educated, gifted people here, with experiences in so many different areas. The team members work together partly because of the vast amount of past experiences each person has and can offer to the project. This depth of knowledge makes research more complete and creating measureable and repeatable tests more meaningful. We want to really dive into the different aspects of why and how a product works the way it does, how we can improve upon it, and identify features to incorporate into our products to make us more valuable in the marketplace.

In the test kitchen we are fortunate enough to have great data logging equipment, accurate ways to measure voltage and specific equipment to measure the food we produce. This all helps quantify the accuracy of our ovens and cooktops. We also have a staff that has been here for years, so we can apply those past experiences to the present. If we want to do something differently—say we need a different type of fan—we do it. That's the advantage of having the resources that we have available: to try to make our products the best. I think it's really wonderful. It's what keeps things interesting, and our people wanting to be here.

We Pull Together
Chandler Nault
Product Marketing Manager
started in 2003

My most memorable project at Sub-Zero and Wolf was fresh out of college, leading the development process for our Sub-Zero 700TR All Refrigerator. Many companies would not have given me that much responsibility so early in my career but here you get a lot of freedom, with checks and balances that ensure you're not getting too far off track. I also feel that I have many people supporting me: formal mentors and people in other departments and leadership roles, who check in and offer helpful insights. It's a big family. Everyone's pulling together to move forward, and there is a commitment to me that I'm going to grow with the company as they evolve.

People I graduated with are designing one part, such as automotive windshield wipers, and have been for the last ten years; I've designed every part of the refrigerator and am involved in the entire product development process. If you're looking for a well-rounded engineering background, this is the place to get it!

Good Feeling
Abby Hale
Corporate HR Assistant
started in 2012

When I started working at Wolf I was finishing my degree, and was a little bit older than the usual person entering the workforce. I had taken two years off to stay home with my kids, and needed to come into a place where I felt like I fit. I was nervous coming into a manufacturing environment, but people here are genuine. The manufacturing and testing processes are very hands-on, and people really care about quality. It is demanding, but you are still free to be yourself! I feel appreciated as a team member, and as part of the big picture. Our leaders are accessible and available. They're on site, and interact in every project or activity. Those things mean something still!

Sub-Zero and Wolf is one of the great employers of the Midwest, with all the benefits of a larger organization but it still has that family touch. I feel there is opportunity for me here. I can express my interests, and know that my team will support me in those directions.

Attention to Detail
Terry Hardesty
Senior Design Engineer
started in 2002

I have to be proud of who I work for, so my personal reason for choosing to work with Sub-Zero and Wolf is the excellent reputation of the company and the product. We spend a tremendous amount of time paying attention to customer, designer, and dealer feedback. It's about the details and what's really going on in their minds, and then responding through continuous improvement.

I don't think any company pays as close attention to the details as we do. We perform rigorous in-house and field tests, use the highest-quality components, test and analyze sound profiles to develop the most satisfying user experience... Every product is hand-built in the USA... After you've worked here just a little while, you'll never see a refrigerator the same way again. Even in a flash of a scene in a movie, you'll be able to pick out these details, and the iconic looks of our products.

Work Hard, Play Hard
Kasey Gallagher
Corporate Senior Accounts Payable
started in 2007

Besides competitive pay and health benefits I really enjoy the "smaller things" like employee lunches, holiday turkeys and hams, softball and volleyball tournaments, Mallards games... I feel part of something bigger by having some fun, and it’s cool to meet new people throughout the company. These kinds of perks support the whole family atmosphere of the organization and make it more personal. You really do feel part of it.

Sub-Zero and Wolf is a great company that takes care of their people, who in turn take pride in developing a great product. Be prepared to work hard, but have fun as well!

Challenge with Support
Matt Mikulak
Operations Supervisor
started in 2000

We've always had a can-do attitude and are continually looking into what the customer wants and needs—and then making the investments. For me, continuous challenge is what makes working at Sub-Zero and Wolf fun. My career path started out as a line operator, then I moved into management where I've had an opportunity to learn a lot of different things and earn my bachelor's degree while working here, thanks to Sub-Zero and Wolf. Every few years it seems, I'm put in a position where I can learn something new and different, and I'm given the autonomy to get the job done on my own—but there is also enough structure to ensure success. Working on the PRO 48 refrigeration line from the design introduction through the production launch I learned about everything, from managing people to our internal systems... it was an invaluable opportunity for me.

Integrity and Pride
Kurt Huemmer
Senior Technical Writer and Trainer
started in 1985

I started with Sub-Zero 26 years ago as a Lab Technician in the Engineering Department and every day I have had opportunities to grow. Today my fingers are in everything from development and changes to existing product to creating and delivering training programs. I like what I do—and I'm not the only one that feels that way: the entrance to the Bakke Center is tiled with bricks naming all of the people who have worked here for 20 years or more. When you work here, you find this real sense of pride, and the organization actually lives its stated Values. I could actually take you to any department and find someone demonstrating one of the core values of the company. People follow them not because the feel they have to, but because they want to.

Benefits of Family Ownership
Ernell Studnika
Production Supervisor
started in 2000

Sub-Zero Wolf is a family-held organization and that comes with big benefits. Employees are treated with respect and we receive great compensation and benefits. We are provided a clean, comfortable workplace and there is a strong commitment to our safety. During slow times in the economy, while other companies might lay off their employees, Sub-Zero Wolf goes out of their way to keep its employees busy and employed. They do this while simultaneously improving the business. I think that it’s nice to occasionally see the owner walking the floor and greeting employees.

This is also a place where there are chances for advancement and growth opportunities. My advice to someone interested in joining the organization is to make sure that you are willing to be a team player. Be someone that your coworkers can depend on and set your goals high because that is how we operate at Sub-Zero Wolf.

Challenge and Reward
Brian Johnson
Senior Reliability Technician
started in 1977

I think the most important thing for people to know about working at Sub-Zero and Wolf is that hard work is rewarded. I've been here the majority of my life: 35 years. During that time I've been offered positions with increasing amounts of responsibility and opportunities to learn, from Industrial Mechanic, to Supervisor, and leading the move of production of noncurrent service parts to a separate manufacturing service cell—a project that took over six years to complete.

Today I work with the reliability engineering group, designing tests to discover how we can make our products more robust in various climates and conditions. Through the years I've been challenged by Sub-Zero Wolf to learn and to really find out what I'm capable of—and it hasn't always been easy! But it's been my experience that hard work is rewarded, and can lead to a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Dress for Success
John Hughes
International Certification Engineer II
started in 2012

Sub-Zero Wolf has been here for a long time, it's growing, and I am looking forward to growing along with the company. I'm a compliance engineer, but I'm also going to be designing some of the products. I like that I'm doing more here, than I did in my last job. I was used to a very casual office environment, so I had to learn how to tie a tie, and make sure my shirts are crisp and clean every day. I think the professional dress code is a good thing—it fosters a different mindset. People listen to each other. No one shoots down your idea. No one is expected to say a specific thing. We are allowed to think for ourselves, and if there is a better way of doing something, then that's what the team is usually going to do.

Supportive Environment
Kelly Bass
Administrative Assistant
started in 2011

Sub-Zero Wolf treats both its employees and its customers with a great deal of respect, which is a solid foundation for any relationship, business or otherwise. I like the team orientation we have here. Everyone I've encountered has a very open door policy. If you run into something unusual, there is generally somebody there who will have an answer for you, or be willing to help you find an answer.

No matter what department you are with, you're going to find yourself valued, challenged, and your questions and ideas heard. It's just one of the best places I've ever worked, and I really feel appreciated for the work that I do. There is a very human, personal atmosphere, despite the fact that we're a large company. It's a very warm place to be.

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