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Co-op Program Grooms the Next Generation

Any college student is well-versed in the benefits of a college degree and an internship. Sub-Zero and Wolf offers an even more impressive resume booster. It’s known as the cooperative education program, or Co-op. Students participating in the co-op program are gaining valuable hands-on experience in their field. These paid Co-op work experiences also give students more responsibility than the average internship and provide experience working in the professional world.

Program highlights:

  • Paid work experience
  • Co-op Assignments are typically 40 hours a week Monday-Friday.
  • Must be enrolled in a sponsored university co-op curriculum. Each university determines the specific criteria for enrollment in their co-op curriculum.
  • Tuition assistance available upon successful completion of co-op program
  • Recruitment starts in February for the Fall Semester and in September for the Spring Semester

Co-op Student's Testimonials
Kyle Olson

It’s a great program. It’s more than I ever expected. I didn’t expect the freedom or the hands-on experience. You learn a lot no matter what department you’re in or what company you’re with, Sub-Zero or Wolf.

I highly recommend a co-op over an internship just because you get more in depth with your projects; you have a lot more responsibility. You learn a lot more. It’s a longer time with the company, so you get to know a lot more people.

Elizabeth Wohlers

I’d say 70-80% of the job is learned on the job rather than in the classroom. Learning how to easily work with other people and what goes on in a typical engineering work day. What kind of skills you need on a day-to-day basis, just things you don’t know until you have the job.

Sub-Zero is really unique because, just talking to other people that have had other co-ops and internships, there’s a lot more ownership that you get of your projects.

Griffin Wiley

If there’s one thing I could have done differently, I would have done a co-op a little bit earlier. I only have one semester left and it’s all general education credits. So I have all my engineering courses done already and I think I would take more away from the courses if I would have had some of them after a co-op.

Justin Davidson

You get more time to get to know how the company runs and get into some deeper projects.

It’s a good way to get work experience, gain contacts within the field and really just sharpen up your skills and be able to apply them to the field as opposed to just in a classroom learning from a book.

Everyone’s pretty laid-back, easy to work with. Very helpful; if you have any questions you can go to just about anyone and they’ll help you out.

Matt Karls

It’s a well-known company with a well-known product so when you go to apply somewhere and they’ve actually heard of the company and know they have a good reputation, it will give you a boost over others.

Internships are normally three or four months, whereas the co-op is closer to eight months. That a real benefit because you have to get accustomed to the position that you’re doing and the jobs that you’re doing and you actually have time to get some real work done. Whereas with an internship, you might spend the entire time getting used to being a part of the company and figuring out how things work.

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